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We are manufacturer and exporter of antique furniture with special product antique table. Our products consist of an antique coffee table, antique dining table, and end table with whitewash finishing or unfinishing products. All products are made with highest construction standards, ensuring comfort and durability. We built our reputation on placing our customer satisfaction first, high quality standard furniture with strict quality control, quick response to our client feedback, precise delivery planning, competitive pricing, experienced and professional staff. Those factors keep our customers loyal. Because our customers satisfaction is our first priority, that is why we also manufacture furniture base on our customers.

Why are we only produce an antique table?

We like special product and antique table is our choice. Antique dining table in particular is a majestic symbol of social identity that imaged the owner. support of experienced furniture designer makes us different from the other production. So be sure to choose us as the best choice in choosing an antique table. We sell to manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer store also.

Why we are mostly using teak wood?

Custom End TablesTeak wood is the best material for making furniture and it's a very popular type of furniture today. Teak wood has quite a few advantages that makes it a very interesting wood to work with for a variety of reasons. First of all there is quite a bit of durability of this wood compared to other types of woods out there. This wood can bend and flex in ways that others can not without actually breaking or cracking.Teak wood stands up to moisture very well. When it gets wet, it won't ruin the wood at all. Other reason above, availability of raw materials stocks of teak wood is our priority in providing the best service for customers.

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